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Test and Measurement


ABI Electronics is a leading manufacturer of test, measurement and fault diagnosis equipment with direct applications in R&D, repair, manufacture, test and education.


For 30 years, ABI has been supplying world class solutions to suit the specific applications of a wide range of customers.


(Contract Electronics Manufacturing)


ABI Electronics offers a range of services to cover all aspects of CEM.


From materials procurement to prototyping and volume manufacture, ABI has the experience and capabilities to suit your requirements with flexibility and guaranteed satisfaction.



This is what our customers have to say

  • "We're a fairly new ABI customer but I'm delighted to have found a trustful partner with great support and fabulous attitude."

    Eltiv, Israel
  • "The BoardMaster and RevEng helped us become self-sufficient and increased our system's reliability. In 5 years we saved over US$50Million."

    MetrĂ´, Brazil
  • "Purchasing the BoardMaster is the best decision I have ever made in 20 years"

    Northern Industrial, UK
  • "My opinion about the equipment is that it changed our views on what can be done in electronics maintenance"

    SENA, Colombia
  • "The SYSTEM 8 AICT and BFL are just tremendous! Thanks to this equipment, repairs have become a pleasure. I can't imagine not having these modules now"

    Lajkonik Snacks, Poland
  • "We wanted our students to learn with systems developed for the industry. ABI products allow real world applications to be reproduced"

    SENA, Colombia
  • "Let me tell you that the Diagnostic Solution Plus is awesome; I can do so much! It helped us fix two boards last night so it's already paying off"

    Indus Elec Repair, USA




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LEGO Case study

ABI proudly keeping LEGO's fun-making machines working.


SENTRY Counterfeit IC Detector

Easily affordable and simple to use benchtop device for detecting counterfeit ICs.


ABI Customer survey 2016

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