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SYSTEM 8 Premier

SYSTEM 8 Premier


The software SYSTEM 8 Premier is designed for seamless interaction with the SYSTEM 8 hardware whilst still providing state of the art test algorithms. Advanced control to the system is provided through intuitive windows including :

  • User access manager
  • TestFlow automatic test manager
  • Instrument design manager
  • Instrument menu manager
  • Custom calculator functions
  • Flexible data logger

At the heart of SYSTEM 8 Premier is the concept of TestFlow, an approach to testing and fault finding that not only speeds up operation – and thus turnover – but also allows the system to be used by semi-skilled operators. 


TestFlow transforms fault finding into a methodical, step by step procedure that reduces the risk of inaccurate measurements by recording all the parameters of a test. Technicians can write a test procedure, or TestFlow, for a particular PCB by setting up each stage of the process and recording the results. They may also include their knowledge of the board through schematics, bitmap images or even notes and instructions to assist with the task. Semi-skilled operators need only follow the instructions on-screen to carry out an extensive test sequence on even the most complicated equipment. 


The TestFlow Automatic Test Manager provides automatically documented fault-finding reports by comparing good and bad boards. Test points, test methods, operator instructions and a report generator with statistical functions are all available on-screen in an easy to follow format.


With TestFlow, knowledge and experience of a PCB does not belong to only one person; it can be accessed by anyone !