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SYSTEM 8 Analogue Test Station


The SYSTEM 8 Analogue Test Station is a PC-based analogue V-I Tester with fully configurable parameters. The two discrete channels can be used for live comparison whilst the 24 channel interface may be used to speed up acquisition on multiple pin devices or connectors. The ATS is also equipped with the powerful Matrix V-I function for further diagnosis.


The Analogue Test Station can be fitted inside a standard PC case with PCI interface (one empty CD-ROM bay required) or inside an external case (MultiLink) with USB interface (pelase contact sales for details).






VI Out-of-Circuit Adapter (optional)


Acquiring V-I signatures of devices out-of-circuit removes the influence from other components placed on the board.


For this kind of test, a V-I Out-of-Circuit adapter is available with 24 channels and three package options :


- Dual-In-Line (DIL, 24ch, 0.3" and 0.6" gauge)

- Small Outlined IC (SOIC, 24ch, 0.6" gauge)

- Small Outlined IC (SOIC, 14ch, 0.3" gauge)




  • Analogue V-I Tester
  • Matrix V-I
  • Selectable Voltage, Impedance, Frequency and Waveforms
  • V-I, V-T and I-T modes
  • Live comparison with audible tone
  • TestFlow Manager



  • 1x SYSTEM 8 24 channel Analogue Test Station module
  • 1x Analogue Test Station cable set
  • SYSTEM 8 Premier software on CD-ROM
  • Standard PCI interface







Watch the video presentation of SYSTEM 8 ATS - click here




View the PowerPoint presentation of SYSTEM 8 - click here




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