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SYSTEM 8 Diagnostic Solution PLUS


The SYSTEM 8 Diagnostic Solution PLUS is the solution to board fault-finding problems. Equally at home with analogue and digital PCBs, the systems 64 digital and 24 analogue test channels provide a variety of test and measurement techniques to track down the most elusive faults.


The in-circuit device test (analogue and digital) is the heart of this fault-finding unit - look into an device, and check that it functions correctly - look outside, and confirm that it is correctly wired. Use the fully configurable analogue V-I tester to check for faults on unpowered PCBs. Compare the results with a known good board, automate fault-finding procedures with the test sequence generator, and fault diagnosis becomes truly effortless!


System 8 Diagnostic Solution plus


  • Digital functional test (in- and out-of-circuit)
  • Analogue functional test (ICs and discrete devices)
  • Graphical test generator
  • Live comparison
  • Digital and analogue V-I Test
  • Analogue matrix V-I
  • Digital IC identifier
  • EPROM verifier
  • Short locator
  • TestFlow manager
  • Variable power supply
  • Windows 10 PC included (optional)



  • 1x SYSTEM 8 64 channel Board Fault Locator module
  • 1x SYSTEM 8 24 channel Analogue IC Tester module
  • 1x SYSTEM 8 Variable Power Supply module
  • 1x Board Fault Locator cable set
  • 1x Analogue IC Tester cable set
  • 1x Variable Power Supply cable set
  • 1x Automatic out-of-circuit adapter
  • DIL Test Clips: 20 pin (0.3”) and 40 pin (0.6”)
  • SYSTEM 8 software on CD-ROM
  • PC case with motherboard/HDD/RAM/processor (monitor not included)





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