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SYSTEM 8 Multiple Instrument Station (MIS)


The SYSTEM 8 Multiple Instrument Station provides no less than 8 high specification test and measurement instruments in one compact module. Ideal for design or education, or for general purpose work bench use, the MIS really is a complete laboratory on your PC.


Each instrument may be customised like a virtual instrument to suit special applications.

The Multiple Instrument Station can be fitted inside a standard PC case with PCI interface (one empty CD-ROM bay required) or inside an external case (MultiLink) with USB interface (please contact sales for details).

SYSTEM 8 Multiple Instrument Station module




  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • Floating digital multimeter
  • Frequency counter
  • Auxiliary power supply
  • Function generator
  • Quad programmable analogue I/O
  • Quad digital I/O
  • TestFlow manager
  • Automated fault-finding sequences
  • Customisable instruments



  • 1x SYSTEM 8 Multiple Instrument Station module
  • 1x Multiple Instrument Station cable set
  • SYSTEM 8 software on CD-ROM
  • Standard PCI interface







Watch the video presentation of SYSTEM 8 MIS - click here




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Options and accessories


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