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SYSTEM 8 Training Board

SYSTEM 8 Training Board



The ABI Training Board is a versatile learning tool for the BoardMaster 8000 PLUS and SYSTEM 8 range. It is flexible in use to teach operators the many uses of ABI equipment (AMS, ATM, BFL, AICT and MIS modules) giving a variety of circuit conditions that can be seen on all types of PCB.
With the many instruments available in the BoardMaster 8000 PLUS, it is essential that the operator is aware of all the features it provides in order to gain maximum benefit from the equipment. The Training Board helps operators gain this knowledge and allows them to transfer it to all kinds of PCB tests, measurements and repairs.

The ABI Training Board provides a base to learn electronic principles including Ohms Law, R/L/C circuits, Transistor operation, MOSFET and FET operation, Op amp operation, comparator operation, DAC/ADC circuits and diode operation.


  • Equipment training
  • Educational training
  • Digital fault diagnosis
  • Analogue fault diagnosis
  • Waveform and signal comparisons
  • PIC controlled operation
  • Automatic calculations
  • Over 150 different learning functions



  • 1x SYSTEM8 training board
  • 1x PPS power cable
  • BFL training TestFlow
  • AICT training TestFlow
  • MIS training Testflow
  • Board schematics
  • Supporting documents


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