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Brand new ABI Labs video series



MARCH 2020


🎬 It's on! March 27th, brand new video series #ABILabs kicks off on YouTube! (or #Netflix?). Watch our promo video to find out!.


How can I test a faulty PCB without causing further damage? What to do when I don't have schematics? How can I make repair feasible and lucrative? How do I repair a printed circuit board like a pro?


If you struggle with electronics repair, you're tired of waiting months for parts to return from the OEM and want to sleep at night without having to worry about obsolescence management anymore, ABI Labs is the video series for you. Short, straight to the point introductions to some of the most used techniques found in ABI's tried and true BoardMaster universal test and diagnostic system. Our hosts Mohneeb Ahmed and Oliver Chard will show you how electronic repair can be intuitive, non-destructive and fast!


March 27th could be the day when lots of questions you've had for a long time will finally dissipate in thin air! Can't wait that long? Email your details to sales@abielectronics.co.uk and we can offer a live online demo with one of our specialists!.



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