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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE : CircuitMaster4000M Training Board


ABI Electronics has 25 years experience in designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting Test and Measurement equipment throughout the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that we understand that, in order to get the best out of some equipment, it is crucial to gain some knowledge of the equipment's capabilities as well as some of its direct applications.



In 2007, ABI released a unique product to the Electronics market called the CircuitMaster 4000M Precision Active Oscilloscope. This oscilloscope is different from any other for two main reasons :

  • It introduces new ways of testing and measuring through innovative techniques such as Active mode and FirmFlex
  • It combines a range of high specifications instruments that are normally only available in separate packages

CircuitMaster 4000M



The CircuitMaster has already received acclaimed reviews worldwide - an example of which can be found in the Australian magazine SILICON CHIP (www.siliconchip.com.au). Click here to read this article.


Due to the ground-breaking nature of this equipment, new users need to get familiar with a new, non-conventional way of testing and measuring signals in electronics. At ABI Electronics, we are dedicated to supporting customers to ensure that obstacles such as product training or technical understanding are removed seamlessly. It is our policy to guarantee that our products are met with positive feedback and constitute the answer to a real problem.


With that in mind, ABI is releasing the CircuitMaster Training Board - an essential addition to optimize your return on investment. The training board, along with its detailed manual, invites the user to set up the unit in order to carry out specific measurements. Specially designed circuits are in place on the board to demonstrate how the CircuitMaster can activate and analyse circuit conditions which is not possible with a standard oscilloscope.


The CircuitMaster 4000M Training Board is not only a great tool to become familiar with the instrument's functions but it also offers an insight on electronics circuitry that are notoriously difficult to analyses. Luckily, the CircuitMaster has no problem dealing with them !


For more information on the CircuitMaster Training Board, click here.


CircuitMaster 4000M Training Board




Posted January 28th, 2008