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ABI Electronics Ltd
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Advertorial at RailDirector



Febreuary 2023




Repair over replacement


Willian Santos, international sales manager at ABI Electronics questions why so many circuit boards are being thrown away when it is costly and bad for the environment. ABI has the solutions to avoid this


Replacing faulty industrial technologies with new ones is wasteful, unnecessary and aggravates an E-waste issue, which according to the United Nations University equates globally to 60 million tonnes every year. The railway is adding to this waste with circuit boards among the products being thrown away instead of repaired at the right standard. Something must change if the sector is to be fully sustainable, and leading the way in reducing the amount of waste – and in doing, so lowering emissions and saving precious resources as well as money – is ABI Electronics.


For four decades, the company has been designing, manufacturing and selling test, measurement and fault diagnostics equipment for the electronics industry all over the world, with repair over replacement at the centre of everything it does.


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