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Across the world, the demand for taller buildings is ever increasing and has been greatly affecting the entire elevator industry.


The over 80 million elevators and escalators in operation worldwide are required to cope with the non-stop demand from today's 24/7 society. This scenario raises the importance of timely and reliable repair and maintenance.


Elevator manufacturers and service companies often provide service contracts for their own as well as other manufacturers' products. Some of the most common problems reported by these companies are:


  • Insufficient maintenance documentation for electronic drives and controls


  • Acquiring a replacement PCBs from the OEM is extremely expensive and time consuming


  • Old and new technologies are mixed together


  • Traditional instrumentation alone -scopes, multimeters, power supply- provide limited information, only useful to highly skilled engineers


For many years, ABI's BoardMaster has been the product of choice with OEMs as well as independent service providers working in the elevator industry. Offering the fault coverage required to quickly identify issues such as leaky capacitors, broken tracks, damaged digital and analogue ICs, blown diodes, etc, the BoardMaster provides a set of tools that allows any repair technician to troubleshoot faulty PCBs even when a good working sample is not available.


The system's unique TestFlow Manager allows service engineers to record their test results as they go, making it possible to easily review the actions taken during the troubleshooting process. Once the PCB under test has been repaired, the managers can decide whether the good results should be stored for future comparison thus saving evaluation time next time a similar PCB arrives from the field. Larger repair teams based both locally and abroad can share TestFlows through the company's intranet or cloud service provider.


A leading elevator manufacturer operating in all continents recently declared:




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