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Can industry escape the damages of the chip shortage, and benefit the planet at the same time?



August 2022




It is common knowledge in the electronics and manufacturing industries that the ongoing covid pandemic has caused an acute shortage of electronic component chips on an unprecedented global scale. The demand for semiconductor chips has been increasing year by year as the world has rapidly embraced the digitalised future. Processing chips are required for every aspect of this new world: they are used in all digital products, from smartphones to automobiles to washing machines – products which have become essentials for thriving, and even surviving, in the 21st century. But the shortages don’t just affect how many mobile phones are being produced – the shortages are now affecting the electronic manufacturing equipment required to make the phones, a problem which may be felt until 2024.


TG Optronics had found itself having to obtain costly electronic part replacements since 2013. Since then, however, the company has transformed from not having any in-house electronic repair facilities, to having 8 dedicated repair stations across their numerous factories – with 2 more to open soon. This massive development in their strategy to resolve electronic faults in-house has saved them unimaginable amounts of money and significantly reduced machine downtime, with the added benefit of helping the company become more sustainable and shrink its E-Waste footprint.


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