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New Ultimate 3.58 software



September 2022


A new version of ABI’s SYSTEM 8 Ultimate software is available to download now. The version 3.58 brings a wealth of improvements that ABI customers can benefit from without having to pay anything extra to upgrade their systems. Click here to register and download the latest software.


The new features and improvements in version 3.58 include:

Version 3.58

  • AMS Masks now clear when settings are changed e.g. Package size, voltage, frequency.
  • ATS diagnostics improved (*Note this may detect previously undetected failures specifically in the Pulse test).
  • BFL/ATM Firmware updating method improved.
  • BFL Version 4 Support Added to USC Firmware
  • Controls for the following now disable correctly depending on TFL operation mode:
    • AMS Matrix VI.
    • AMS 3D VI.
    • MIS4 DAM.
    • MIS4 FC + DSO_FC.
    • MIS4 DOM.
    • MIS4 DVM.
    • TFL Manager Reporting Options.
    • VPS.
  • Copy paste limit for user instrument design now increased.
  • Diagnostics windows improved for demo mode.
  • Fixed the “Use Testflow status information” option under Tools/Options (Saves tfl pass fail status of current tfl).
  • MMS diagnostics now improved.
  • MIS4 DSO instrument bug fixes.
  • PPS diagnostics improved.
  • PPS Remote sense warnings added to help text and tooltips added to Remote sense buttons within the instruments.
  • RevEng netlist now starts at netlist 1 with each fresh scan.
  • TFL script editor layout changed to be more consistent.
  • TFL Action buttons can now have the colour of their font changed.
  • User scripting improved to allow user variables within a system function and to allow calculations within a functions input e.g. WRITELOG "Test",":",(VAR1 - PPS_CH_VOLTAGE_MEASUREMENT(Channel)),"V".
  • User Switching is now disabled when a Testflow/Instrument is open.
  • Username boxes size increased, now displays a full 20-character username.
  • The following would require unit recalibration to gain the benefits:
    • MIS4 Calibration Improved.
    • PPS Calibration Improved.
    • PPS Load Compensation now enabled under LOCAL operation.


*Free SYSTEM 8 Ultimate upgrades available for SYSTEM 8 products acquired after 1st January 2010.


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