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Case study: Usiminas



February 2023



Example of steel finished material. Usiminas produces up to 9.5 million metric tons of steel per year.


Huge steel producer invests in repair with ABI


Usiminas is one of the largest producers of steel in the Americas, with major steel mills in Brazil with a total capacity of 9.5 million metric tons of steel per year. There are a huge number of electronic systems at play to operate these major steel mills, any of which could fail due to a single faulty capacitor, diode, or chip. By repairing these vital circuit boards rather than sourcing expensive replacements, production line downtime is significantly reduced along with the company’s E-Waste contributions.


Usiminas have made the commitment to the Repair, Don’t Waste ethos as part of their greater sustainability scheme, which considers the communities they work in and the ability to transform public attitude towards the steel production industry. By repairing electronics rather than replacing them, companies in all industries are saving precious, finite natural resources from being lost forever in the towering pile of E-Waste that is growing year upon year.


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