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Repair, Don't Waste Manifesto



October 2022



Repair, Don't Waste Manifesto


Championing the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of repair over replacement


Our mission at ‘Repair, don’t waste’ is to make in-house electronics repair the rule, not the exception, for businesses of all sizes. This huge change in direction for many does not come without challenges; however, our mantra provides incredible benefits and opportunities for industries of all kinds. So why should your company #RepairDontWaste?



Read the full manifesto on RepairDontWaste.com


We hope our manifesto has given you some food-for-thought about the future of industrial electronics, and how we can actively fight against the growing E-waste problem by mitigating the amount of PCB wastage through repair and maintenance of crucial, expensive machinery.


Please repost this far and wide to get the #Repairdontwaste message out to the world!


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