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APRIL 2016



SENTRY as a counterfeit avoidance tool


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SENTRY Counterfeit avoidance tool



ABI's UK distributor Cupio has recently published an article highlighting the growing presence of counterfeit components, including ICs, within the supply chain and has written a review showing SENTRY, the Counterfeit IC Detector from ABI as a cost-effective option to tackle this issue. Below are two extracts from the article and if you are interested in reading it in full, click on the image above:



“By contrast, the Sentry is a more affordable benchtop device that uses an advanced form of VI testing on any IC chip to determine its electrical characteristics or ‘signature’ (Figure 2). VI testing is about applying a voltage waveform between two IC pins and measuring how the current drawn changes as the applied voltage varies.

VI trace

This response is directly related to the nature of the device, its internal structure and the manufacturing processes it was subjected to. A crucial advantage of Sentry is its VI Matrix test which exercises every possible pin combination on the IC under investigation. This provides more insight than simpler systems that are restricted to testing between pins and ground; this only checks the characteristics of the input/output protection part of a device. By contrast, the Sentry’s Matrix VI test checks the device’s internal structure. This can reveal differences between more of the devices with different functionality but similar technology. For example, a chip that had been remarked as another of different function but with the same input/output pinout would be captured by this test. Overall, the Matrix VI test yields richer, more informative data than the more limited pin to ground test.”



UK MOD STAN 05-135

“The UK MOD has developed some useful tools to help electronics companies in fighting the threat of counterfeit components. These are based on STAN 05-135 Fraudulent and Counterfeit Materiel Avoidance Defence Standard, released on 10th July 2014. It was devised for use by the UK MOD and its suppliers in the execution of contracts for the MOD, but is not industry sector specific and can also be used by other organisations in other industries. It requires suppliers to demonstrate the appropriateness of their risk assessment, arrangements, supply chain management and understanding of the criticality of the materiel they supply.”



(“Mitigating the counterfeit IC threat,” 29 MARCH 2016). Author : Andy Bonner, Cupio.



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