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ABI launches PremierLink and CompactLink


ABI is proud to announce the official release of PremierLink and CompactLink !

PremierLink is a PC based package that allows users to add new devices to the library, select a variety of tests and create new functional tests to suit special applications.

New IC functional tests can be created using PremierLink IC Programming (PLIP), a high level descriptive test programming language optimised for generation of both analogue and digital IC test programmes.

CompactLink serves a similar purpose than PremierLink for the Compact Professional Range (LinearMaster and ChipMaster). With CompactLink, users can add new devices to the library and create functional tests to suit their needs. Thanks to an RS-232 link, software updates (available on the internet) can be downloaded and programmed into the Compact units.

For a more complete package, CompactLink is INCLUDED in the PremierLink release. Please visit our Products section to learn more and upload brochures.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the sales team at sales@abielectronics.co.uk