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New Ultimate 3.42 software



MAY 2020


A new version of ABI’s SYSTEM 8 Ultimate software is available to download now. The version 3.42 brings a wealth of improvements that ABI customers can benefit from without having to pay anything extra to upgrade their systems. Click here to register and download the latest software.


The new features and improvements in version 3.42 include:


· New features added to the Script Editor

    · Added static variables
    - STATICS ADD variable_name = value (Adds a static variable (only cleared when calling statics remove all or restarting software)
    - STATICS REMOVE_ALL (Removes all static variables)
    · Added a Remove statics button (Same as REMOVE_ALL calculator command, removes all static variables)
    · Added a Watch window / variable display. In script editor click advanced, this brings up a window displaying all current variables for the given calculator and it updates real time as the programs running. This makes is easier to debug a program and keep track of the new STATIC variables across multiple TestFlow steps.
    · Added variables for STATUS_FAIL, STATUS_PASS, STATUS_INCOMPLETE, so that users don’t have to remember what 0 1 2 3 are, this also makes scripts more readable to other users.
    · Report feature added to calculator.
    - REPORT INSERT_BEFORE (Finds the matching string and then inserts before it with another string)
    - REPORT REPLACE_ALL (replaces all text in report with matching string with either variable or another string)
    - REPORT REPLACE_USERTAGS (Same as replace all but allows user to type in the usertag boxes)
    - REPORT ADD_STEP (same as completing a step usually does where the step entry template is used to add another step)
    · RevEng clips that don’t need to move between scans can be confirmed. Previously the user was required to click “accept clip” for each device, they now have the opportunity to click “confirm all” and save time.
    · The calculator BLEEP command now uses a connected SmartSwitch as a speaker. This is useful on PCs with no audio capabilities. The software will otherwise use the PCs default audio device.
    · The AUTOLOG command has been removed from the default TestFlow script. This was causing issues when TestFlows were run from read only folders.
    · Changed reporting modes to allow new calculator reporting features, ON OFF is now AUTO, MANUAL and OFF. There was some confusion before, but these modes refer to the entire TestFlow not just an individual step.
    · Added Advanced button to script editors to allow access to special features, such as the new watch window and comparison features.
    · Added variables for instruments status’ as they were missing.
    · Various performance improvements applied to TestFlow, RevEng, PPS, AMS, ATM and MMS.


*Free SYSTEM 8 Ultimate upgrades available for SYSTEM 8 products acquired after 1st January 2010.


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