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Case study: Kuala Lumpur Metro



December 2022



Example of Siemens Inspiro trains operated by MRT in Kuala Lumpur.


ABI chosen for multinational technology transfer in Malaysia



The Kuala Lumpur Metro is the latest rail organisation to invest in state of the art electronic troubleshooting and reverse engineering systems BoardMaster and RevEng and join ABI's Repair, Don't Waste movement. This investment will empower the MRT technicians to repair rather than replace circuit boards from trains made by Siemens and Hyundai Rotem for many years to come: whilst reducing E-waste and exposure to obsolescence.


A project over 4 years in the making, ABI are delighted to be part of the multinational technology transfer project which will ensure countless PCB's avoid landfill, save MRT money and time, and creating highly skilled jobs in Malaysia.


Read more on Department for Business and Trade's website


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