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New Ultimate 3.56 software



December 2021


A new version of ABI’s SYSTEM 8 Ultimate software is available to download now. The version 3.56 brings a wealth of improvements that ABI customers can benefit from without having to pay anything extra to upgrade their systems. Click here to register and download the latest software.


The new features and improvements in version 3.56 include:

Version 3.56

  • ATM Advanced Board Checker: Text sizes for results boxes have been increased.
  • ATM IC Tester: In/Out of circuit option + advanced options are now saved in TestFlow.
  • BFL EPROM Verifier: Mouse wheel scrolling added.
    • BFL: Pull voltages no longer pull after running a test.
    • BFL EPROM Verifier: compatibility and reliability improved.
    • AICT: improved self-test measurement accuracy.
  • Help text MIS4_DVM statistic syntax updated + added STATUS_PASS etc to the Testflow section.
  • PPS Diagnostics improved now with a more thorough voltage test from the input supply and stricter tolerances for the On Load tests.
  • RevEng Schematic Learner:
    • If part number is left blank then it will no longer pop up the “New Part” dialog if you click away from the RevEng instrument.
    • Instrument in all languages now have a file path at the top of the RevEng layout.
    • Message added to explain that the software is actually running in the background while scanning and has not crashed.
    • Instrument layout image that was missing now added and updated to a newer image.
    • Instrument now checks footswitch is not pressed/shorted during diagnostics.
    • Parts will now clear and update if user deletes or change its name.
  • SmartSwitch:
    • Actions via user scripts now work with smartswitch actions.
    • Diagnostics can now check & report input states.
  • User Interface:
    • Variable watch windows now display decimal values below 1.0.
    • Linked layout button text can now have its colour changed.
    • Generic manager buttons now work inside tabbed controls and the text colour can now be set by the user.


*Free SYSTEM 8 Ultimate upgrades available for SYSTEM 8 products acquired after 1st January 2010.


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