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ABI Electronics Ltd
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Lockheed Martin Chooses ABI Electronics



MAY 2021


Lockheed Martin teams up with BI Electronics to reduce E-waste.


Lockheed Martin (USA) teams up with British electronics specialist ABI Electronics to reduce E-waste.




ABI customers include leading aerospace and military organisations that rely on the company's products to maintain critical assets, extending their lifespan. The British manufacturer has teamed up with Lockheed Martin in the U.S to provide its popular universal electronic fault finding equipment BoardMaster. The acclaimed ABI solutions manufactured in the UK are used to detect faults in critical electronic circuit boards eliminating NFFs (No Fault Found), reducing scrappage and costs.


Among the LMCO engineering team responsible for evaluating ABI products, a senior component engineer was quoted saying "whoever developed this hardware and software deserves a pat on the back! It is the most intuitive piece of troubleshooting equipment I have ever seen!"



Graham Stuart MP UK International Trade Minister Department for International Trade feedback


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