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ABI Electronics official sponsor at Olimpíada do Conhecimento (Brazil)



The Olimpíada de Conhecimento (literally, the 'Knowledge Olympics') is the biggest event in professional education in Latin America, bringing together the technical-teaching staff and students of the SENAI organisation, to participate in theoretical and practical tests. Participants have the opportunity to demonstrate, in real time, the skills and competencies acquired in their training at SENAI.


This event, either at the state, national or international level, gives everyone an enriching exchange of experiences and knowledge. More than just a competition, the Olimpíada do Conhecimento is a showcase of new talent, intelligence and technology - in short, the future of the industry. Held for more than 20 years in Brazil, it is the largest competition of professional education in the country and brings together top students from SENAI in a contest of knowledge, technique and creativity. The official website can be viewed here.


Objectives of the Olympics:

  • Promote professional and technological education, innovation and technology transfer
  • Encourage continuous improvement of young people currently in training
  • Encourage higher levels of student performance in each module
  • Provide students with opportunities to experience situations similar to those they will face in professional life
  • Promote a technical and teaching exchange among participants (teachers and students)
  • Provide conditions for demonstrating the technical capabilities of SENAI as well as the technical knowledge and skills of its students
  • Raise the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry

SENAI has been an education provider for nearly 70 years and is the organisation responsible for implementing new electronics courses and for training electronics students . SENAI counts 738 schools across the country and has trained over 40 million people to date. This organisation is subsidised by industry taxes (in agreement with local governments) but run by private owners, making it both a public and private company.


ABI Electronics has long been a major partner of education organisations around the world supplying proven quality equipments for the teaching of basic and advanced fault finding techniques. For this particular event, ABI provided each student with a SYSTEM 8 Board Fault Locator module in order to assist them with the fault-finding process. What's more, ABI also supplied complete PCB assemblies with purposely induced faults to challenge students during the competition.


In order to help with the fault-finding process, a complete TestFlow (generated by engineers at ABI Electronics) was also provided for the competition. A TestFlow is a step by step sequence that guides the operator in the repair process using instructions, videos, schematics and photos. The required instruments for each test are set up with the necessary parameters and reference data is also included to allow comparison between a good and a faulty board.


The TestFlow featured an automatically generated report which logs the tests and the results (with date/time stamps) for each competitor. This functionality was particularly useful for experts in charge or reviewing and marking the competition to ensure a fair and equal competition for all participants.


The setup provided by ABI Electronics created a didactic and real-life experience for the students which were highly praised by everyone involved in th event, organised in the city of Curitiba, Parana.



Interview with Gabriel D'Espíndula,
Chief expert of Regional Skills competition




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