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ABI's Counterfeit IC SENTRY at DAAAM 2015



26th DAAAM International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation

18-25 October 2015 in Vienna





DAAAM International Vienna is an international network for scientific, academic and industrial cooperation. The purpose of DAAAM International is to provide a world forum for engineers, scientists and industrial managers to present and discuss the current status and impact of advanced manufacturing and automation. During the last twenty years, the activities of DAAAM International have been supported by more than 10.000 scientists and experts from over fifty countries all over the world.

Our distributor AMTEST-TM has provided us with information about the article SOME METHODS FOR ELECTRONIC COMPONENT AUTHENTICITY ASSESSMENT presented at DAAAM 2015. The research project was carried out by the Faculty of applied informatics (Petr Neumann, Martin Pospíšilíka, Petr Sko?íka, Milan Adámeka) and the Faculty of Technology (Josef Houserb) by Tomas Bata University.

*Click on the image to see the poster for the event.



For more information about the event, please visit www.daaam.info.