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How can virtual instruments help me get the work done faster?







Repetitive testing processes using measurement instruments is acknowledged by most as a task rather tedious and sometimes overwhelming. The struggle affects both ends of the scale: engineers who rush to have instructions finished to concentrate on the next release and operators who are left drowning in paperwork and entangled in cables and probes.


For years the industry has tried to do away with conventional multimeters, scopes, etc at the end of the production line. So-called integrators and other contractors would queue at the door offering custom solutions based on rackmounted instruments running on either proprietary or third party software. Many companies bought into the idea and now regret having spent a small fortune with royalties and service fees to keep their test rigs going. Add to that the set up time required and the cost of sending operators on a course just to see them leaving with the knowledge off to greener pastures the following week.


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